, Volume 162, Issue 2, pp 73-80

SpecialEscherichia coli serotypes among enterotoxigenic strains from diarrhoea in adults and children

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106 enterotoxigenicEscherichia coli strains from children and adults from many parts of the world were serotyped for O and H antigens. Some O∶H types,i.e. O6∶H16, O8∶H9, O15∶H11, O25∶H42, O78∶H11 and O78∶H12, were found repeatedly from different geographical locations. Some of these O∶H serotypes were only found rarely among more than 20000E. coli strains collected over many years from different locations and sources. It is suggested that these special O∶H serotypes represent clones which have been selected to the special conditions in the small intestine and selected to carry the plasmids necessary to provoke diarrhoea.