, Volume 233, Issue 3, pp 211-215

Serum PAPP-A in normal pregnancy: Relationship to fetal and maternal characteristics

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Pregnancy associated plasma protein A (PAPP-A) was measured in maternal serum by electroimmunoassy in 414 women (with subsequent normal pregnancy outcome) during the 38th week of pregnancy. PAPP-A levels were examined in relation to maternal and fetal characteristics, revealing a statistically significant relationship with maternal weight, placental weight, fetal sex and gravidity. The correlation of PAPP-A levels to fetal sex and gravidity could not be explained by differences in placental or maternal weight. Mean levels of PAPP-A were also not significantly different in relation to fetal sex.

This work was supported by the Danish Medical Research Council (Grant No. 12-0094 and 121-1794) and Provinsbankens Studielegat