Journal of Family Violence

, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp 337-350

First online:

Cognitive tempo, violent video games, and aggressive behavior in young boys

  • A. Roland IrwinAffiliated withUniversity of Mississippi, University
  • , Alan M. GrossAffiliated withUniversity of Mississippi, University

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In a factorial design, impulsive and reflective children played video games with aggressive or nonaggressive themes. Interpersonal aggression and aggression toward inanimate objects were assessed in a free-play setting and interpersonal aggression was assessed during a frustrating situation. Results indicated that subjects who played the video game with aggressive content exhibited significantly more object aggression during free-play and more interpersonal aggression during the frustrating situation than youngsters who played nonaggressive video games. Aggressive behavior was unaffected by cognitive tempo.

Key words

aggression boys cognitive tempo video games