, Volume 14, Issue 10, pp 1925-1946

Self and mutual admittance of slot antennas on a dielectric half-space

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In this paper, an efficient implementation of the spectral domain moment technique is presented for computing the self and mutual coupling between slot antennas on a dielectric half-space. It is demonstrated that by the proper selection of the weighting functions in the method of moments, the analytic evaluation or simplification of the transverse moment integrals is enabled. This results into a significant reduction of the required computational labor. The method is then utilized in order to provide design data for the self and mutual admittances between two slot antennas on a dielectric substrate lens in the case of fused quartz (∈ r =3.80), crystal quartz (∈ r =4.53), silicon (∈ r =11.9) and GaAs (∈ r =12.8). The presented technique and associated results are useful when designing twin slot quasi-optical receivers, imaging arrays, phased arrays or power-combining arrays of slot elements at millimeter-wave frequencies.