, Volume 41, Issue 9, pp 1814-1818

Influence of spasmolytic analgesics on motility of sphincter of oddi

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The effects on the sphincter of Oddi of intravenous administration of dipyrone, 2.5 g; tramadol, 50 mg; indomethacin, 75 mg;N-butylscopolamine, 20 mg; and nitroglycerin, 1 mg, in comparison to physiological saline were assessed in a single-blind study in 36 patients hospitalized with upper abdominal pain. Basal sphincter pressure and sphincter motility were measured for a 5-min period after treatment by endoscopic manometry. Nitroglycerin and dipyrone both caused a significant fall in basal sphincter pressure, whileN-butylscopolamine and nitroglycerin produced a significant decrease in contraction frequency. Therefore, dipyrone, in contrast to tramadol and indomethacin, exhibits spasmolytic activity in addition to analgesia in biliary pain.

This study was sponsored by Hoechst AG, Frankfurt/M., Germany