, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 141-148

Granulomatous orchitis and spermatic granuloma

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One case of granulomatous orchitis and three cases of spermatic granuloma are described and the clinial and pathologic features of the two syndromes are discussed. Since no certain diagnosis is possible on clinical grounds alone, it rests on the evidence of pathology. Both granulomatous orchitis and spermatic granuloma are of practical importance to the specialists, the first being apt to mimic tumours, and the second to tuberculous epididymitis. Histological study, possibly of biopsy specimens, permits to differentiate either process from malignancy and from tuberculosis with certainty. It is to be emphasized that in many cases of chronic epididymitis with clinical suspicion of tuberculosis careful histological search reveals spermatic granuloma. Since the processes under discussion are unresponsive to antibiotics, their therapy is surgical.