, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp 61-74

ORGOTEIN: a new antiinflammatory metalloprotein drug evaluation of clinical efficacy and safety in inflammatory conditions of the urinary tract

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Results are presented for 148 patients to assess the clinical efficacy and safety of a new antiinflammatory metalloprotein drug, generic name Orgotein. The drug was not only well tolerated upon systemic administration, but also was found to be completely safe without any side effects as administrated by special routes of administration, such as instillation into the tunica vaginalis, intramurally by needle catheter into the bladder wall, and locally into the plaques of induratio penis plastica. Based on our experience to date, we can report excellent therapeutic success in the treatment of radiation cystitis in the female, and also in all other forms of chronic interstitial cystitis. The results of orgotein therapy in radiation cystitis are extraordinarily good and surpass those of all other methods of treatment. The rate therapeutic success in chronic prostatitis with systemic orgotein administration is equal to that with other methods of treatment. The treatment of induratio penis plastica appears promising. Orgotein efficacy in hydrocele was demonstrated in a double-blind placebo-controlled study.