, Volume 2, Issue 4, pp 378-383

Serotyping ofCampylobacter jejuni andCampylobacter coli on the basis of thermostable antigens

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Hippurate hydrolysis tests performed on the serotype reference strains of the serotyping scheme based on thermostable antigens under development forCampylobacter jejuni showed that 42 strains wereCampylobacter jejuni and 17 wereCampylobacter coli. Moreover, only four (0.2 %) of 2025 hippurate positiveCampylobacter jejuni isolates reacted inCampylobacter coli antisera and 12 (4.3 %) of the 282Campylobacter coli reacted inCampylobacter jejuni antisera. Evidently each species has its own array of antigenic specificities. Separate schemes for serotypingCampylobacter jejuni andCampylobacter coli are advocated.