, Volume 41, Issue 5, pp 695-697

Sahara stopover in migratory flycatchers: fat and food affect the time program

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Migrating spotted flycatchers, resting and feeding in an oasis, have longer stopover periods when fat reserves on arrival are low. In the laboratory migratory activity could likewise be suppressed by a combination of two factors: low fat reserves and the possibility of feeding.

I thank W. Friedrich, G. Heine, R. Mitreiter, J. Resch, K. Roth, D. Schmidl and H. Schüle for assistance in the field; Said Abdel Razik for permission to work in the oasis in Egypt and for logistic help; K. Pfeiffer for providing the experimental birds; H. Wegner for running the experiment and E. Gwinner, J. Dittami and R. Stevenson for reading and commenting on the manuscript.