, Volume 39, Issue 7, pp 746-748

Subcellular distribution and binding of heavy metals in the untreated liver of the squid; comparison with data from the livers of cadmium and silver-exposed rats

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In natural squid liver, about 30% of the total Cd present was found in the cytosolic fraction. A large portion of this Cd was bound to high molecular weight species (mol. wt>70,000). In contrast to Cd, about 60% of the total Ag occurred in the cytosolic fraction; Ag was bound mainly to low molecular weight species (mol. wt<20,000).

Acknowledgments. This work was supported by a grant-in-aid for encouragement of young scientists from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Japan. We wish to thank Mr S. Sano and Mr T. Kawaguchi, Tottori Prefectural Fisheries Experiment Station, for their generous help in ensuring a good supply of squids.