, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 5-21

The challenge of change—Opportunities and obstacles in deploying information technology

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A five-step generic change implementation model (reach awareness, gain support, analyze impact, build alignment and empower action) is outlined to show how to implement business process redesign (BPR) through information technology (IT). The range of benefits with IT—how to speed up process, become agile and flexible, and penetrate new markets—is captured in a table where examples for various business processes are given. Major roadblocks to change implementation, both in general management and IT-specific, are identified and illustrated with case examples. Suggestions are provided to address these potential problems. A roadmap with exit criteria is also provided to guide the business redesign teams through their change journey. A section is set aside to address the special issues involved in deploying IT to speed up economic development in third world countries.

This work was carried out while the author was on leave from AT&T during 1994. This work is supported by funding from the Institute of Systems Integration Research, Computer and Information Science Department, New Jersey Institute of Technology.