, Volume 6, Issue 1-3, pp 260-262

Opsonizing activities of IgG, IgM antibodies and the C3b inactivator-cleaved third component of complement in macrophage phagocytosis

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Phagocytosis of SRBC by guinea-pig peritoneal macrophages is enhanced by opsonizing IgG antibody alone. IgM antibody requires the presence of bound C3. Treatment of C3b coated SRBC with purified C3b inactivator (yielding EAIgM C1423d) does not reduce attachment to, and phagocytosis by, peritoneal macrophages. This finding suggests the existence of a C3d receptor on peritoneal macrophages. EC43b intermediates which have been produced by removing IgM antibody by mercaptoethanol treatment and by subsequent removal of C1 and C2, are phagocytosed despite the absence of IgM antibody. Furthermore, treatment of EC43b with C3b inactivator does not change phagocytosis. Thus, IgM antibody does not appear to be a necessary prerequisite for the stimulation of phagocytosis, C3b or C3d alone being sufficient.