, Volume 42, Issue 6, pp 611-613

Methyllycaconitine, a naturally occurring insecticide with a high affinity for the insect cholinergic receptor

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Studies of extracts ofDelphinium seeds, long known to be insecticidal, revealed that a principal insecticidal toxin was methyllycaconitine, which is shown to be a potent inhibitor of α-bungarotoxin binding to housefly heads (Kinh=2.5×10−10±0.5×10−10M).

Calgary for gifts of MLA, citrate and lycoctonine, and Dr W. Bowers of the University of Arizona for the original extract ofDelphinium seeds. We would also like to acknowledge the able technical support of Ms C. Dushin, Mr E.L. Bowman, Dr C. C. Gagne, Mr R. F. Borysewicz and Dr P. Mowery for his assistance in obtaining and interpreting the carbon-13 NMR spectra.