, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp 324-326

Distribution of cadmium, zinc and copper in the musselMytilus edulis. Existence of cadmium-binding proteins similar to metallothioneins

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The study of the distribution of Cd, Zn and Cu in homogenates of mussels has shown that Zn and Cu are principally associated with high mol. wt. proteins. The same distribution is observed for Cd in untreated mussels, but in Cd chronically intoxicated animals, the metal is principally bound to low mol. wt. proteins synthesized in response to the uptake of the cation and similar to metallothioneins of vertebrates.

This research was carried out in participation in the Belgian National Research and Development Program on the Environment-Water-Sea Project-Office of the Prime Minister-Interministerial Commission for Science Policy and Programmation.
I am grateful to Prof.A. Disteche and Dr.Ch. Gerday for theiradvice throughout this work. I thankR. Biondo andN. Gerardin for excellent technical assistance.