, Volume 34, Issue 5, pp 676-677

Localization of sound producing animals using the arrival time differences of their signals at an array of microphones

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This method provides a reliable means to determine distance between vocalizing individuals and their locations through a prolonged period of time without disturbance to the communication process by the presence of an observer. The accuracy of this method was tested by varying the arrival time differences on the microphone grid for known locations in a random fashion. This test shows that a vocalizing animal within an area of 4 ha surrounding the microphone array can be localized with an accuracy of ±1 m. The accuracy decreases with the distance from the central area and as a function of the geometry of the array. The location of an individual can be determined based on 5 vocalizations given in sequence.

Acknowledgment. This research was supported by funds granted to Irene Magyar from the Chapman Fund, The American Museum of Natural History and Sigma Xi, Grants in Aid of Research.