, Volume 51, Issue 3, pp 289-292

Fecundity of the blood-feeding insectRhodnius prolixus increases in successive periods of egg production

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The fecundity of the blood-feeding insect,Rhodnius prolixus, was observed to increase in successive periods of egg production, each period being triggered by a single large blood meal. As previously published, the fecundity of mated animals was significantly higher than that of unmated animals for the first period of egg production. For a second period of egg production, fecundity increased significantly in both mated and unmated animals. By the fourth period, fecundity had returned to first-feed values for mated animals, but remained high for unmated animals, and the fecundity of mated and unmated animals was not significantly different. Thus, during successive periods of egg production, the processes which maintain fecundity of unmated animals below that of mated animals are overcome.