, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 3-31

Recurrent iterated function systems

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Recurrent iterated function systems generalize iterated function systems as introduced by Barnsley and Demko [BD] in that a Markov chain (typically with some zeros in the transition probability matrix) is used to drive a system of mapsw j :KK,j=1, 2,⋯,N, whereK is a complete metric space. It is proved that under “average contractivity,” a convergence and ergodic theorem obtains, which extends the results of Barnsley and Elton [BE]. It is also proved that a Collage Theorem is true, which generalizes the main result of Barnsleyet al. [BEHL] and which broadens the class of images which can be encoded using iterated map techniques. The theory of fractal interpolation functions [B] is extended, and the fractal dimensions for certain attractors is derived, extending the technique of Hardin and Massopust [HM]. Applications to Julia set theory and to the study of the boundary of IFS attractors are presented.

Communicated by Edward B. Saff.