, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp 19-31

Effects of therapeutic intervention on self-concepts of children with learning disabilities

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Change in self-concept of two groups of children with learning disabilities and one group of children without learning disabilities were examined using four subscales of the Multidimensional Self-Concept Scale. The experimental group (N=76; 54M; 22F) participated in a therapeutic intervention program focused on improving classroom behaviors and group interactions, while the comparison group (N=54; 38M; 16F) received no therapeutic intervention. The control group (N=20; 12M; 8F), composed of children without learning disabilities, also received no intervention. The results showed that therapeutic intervention significantly increased total self-concept, and the subscales of competency and affect. Results also show that selection for learning disabled classes is appropriate, and that self- concept interventions should be concentrated in these populations.

Both authors were affiliated with Hanover College where Dr. Rawson is currently Acting Dean of Faculty at Franklin College.