, Volume 106, Issue 2, pp 157-172

Single-channel recordings from the apical membrane of the toad urinary bladder epithelial cell


The patch-clamp technique for the recording of single-channel currents was used to investigate the activity of ion channels in the intact epithelium of the toad urinary bladder. High resistance seals were obtained from the apical membrane of tightly stretched tissue. Single-channel recordings revealed the activity of a variety of ion channels that could be classified in 4 groups according to their mean ion conductances, ranging from 5 to 59 pS. In particular, we observed highly selective, amiloridesensitive Na channels with a mean conductance of 4.8 pS, channels with a similar conductance that were not Na-selective and channels with mean conductance values of 17–58 pS that were mostly seen after stimulation of the tissue with vasopressin or cAMP. When inside-out patches from the apical membrane were exposed to 110mm fluoride, large conductances (86–490 pS) appeared.