, Volume 53, Issue 2, pp 129-141

The mechanism of Cl transport at the plasma membrane ofChara corallina I. Cotransport with H+

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Cl transport into cells ofChara corallina was studied in relation to that of other ions which have been proposed as cosubstrates for the Cl transport system. Although there appears to be a partial mutual dependence between K+ and Cl for transport in intact cells, this is not apparent in cells which have been perfused internally. Moreover, in intact cells, the fluxes of K+ and Cl show a large degree of independence in their responses to Cl starvation. Cl transport is electrogenic in a direction indicating the transport of excess positive charge into the cell. In the absence of any other likely counter ion, it is suggested that Cl is cotransported with H+. Response of Cl influx to internal and external pH in perfused cells is consistent with this suggestion. There appears, in addition, to be a role for ATP in transport as judged by fourfold stimulation of Cl influx in perfused cells when 1mm ATP is incorporated in the perfusion medium.