, Volume 1, Issue 1-4, pp 163-191

Fractional cascading: II. Applications

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This paper presents several applications offractional cascading, a new searching technique which has been described in a companion paper. The applications center around a variety of geometric query problems. Examples include intersecting a polygonal path with a line, slanted range search, orthogonal range search, computing locus functions, and others. Some results on the optimality of fractional cascading, and certain extensions of the technique for retrieving additional information are also included.

The first author was supported in part by NSF grants MCS 83-03925 and the Office of Naval Research and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency under contract N00014-83-K-0146 and ARPA Order No. 4786. Part of this work was done while the second author was employed by the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center.
Communicated by C. K. Wong.