, Volume 79, Issue 3, pp 185-188

Serologic grouping and sexual compatibility of airbornecryptococcus neoformans

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Through the use of Anderson air samplers, 214 isolates ofCryptococcus neoformans were cultured from the air in a vacant tower in a large complex of buildings in Oklahoma City. The tower contained hundreds of pigeons, a massive amount of droppings, nests with eggs and young, dying and dead pigeons. All isolates were serotype A-D and self-sterile for the production of basidiospores. Among these, 193 were of the ‘alpha’ mating type, producing basidiospores when paired with ‘a’ mating type. No isolates of ‘α’ mating type were found. The remaining 21 isolates were untypable for their mating type. These findings imply that the infectious particles ofC. neoformans in nature are relatively small, nonencapsulated yeast cells andnot basidiospores.