, Volume 112, Issue 1, pp 1-9

Calcium uptake and efflux during the yeast to mycelium transition inSporothrix schenckii

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A study was made of calcium metabolism during germ tube formation inSporothrix schenckii yeast cells. A net efflux of calcium was observed very early in the transformation process and remained constant thereafter. The efflux of calcium in yeast cells induced to form germ tubes was twice that observed in yeast cells not induced to form germ tubes. Two peaks of calcium uptake were observed in germ tube forming yeast cells at 30 and 300 minutes following inoculation, while non-induced yeast cells, a continuous increase in uptake was observed which ultimately reached higher values than the ones obtained in germ tube forming cells. Substances which affect calcium metabolism in other cells such as cobalt ions, ionophore A23187 and compound R24571 were observed to inhibit germ tube formation and calcium uptake. In addition, ionophore A23187 was found to increase calcium efflux to approximately twice the control values. The inhibition of germ tube formation brought about by substances which inhibit calcium uptake or increase efflux suggests that the intracellular calcium concentration in these cells must be precisely regulated for the yeast to mycelium transition to occur.