, Volume 80, Issue 3, pp 219-223

Molecular detection of a Yp/18 translocation in a 45,X holoprosencephalic male

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Prenatal diagnosis in a fetus with holoprosencephaly showed a 45,X karyotype and a suspected 18p abnormality. At birth, the fetus presented with normal male genitalia. Y chromatin was not cytogenetically detectable by Q-, G-, or G11-banding. Mosaicism for a cell line containing a Y chromosome was not observed in amniocytes, lymphocytes, or skin fibroblasts. Southern blot analysis for 11 different Y-DNA loci demonstrated the presence in the patient's genome of sequences derived from the short arm, centromeric region, and proximal long arm of the Y chromosome (intervals 1–5). The distal long arm of the Y (intervals 6 and 7) was absent. In situ hybridization with the Y-derived probe pDP105 showed silver grains over the short arm of the del(18) chromosome, suggesting a Y/18 translocation with loss of 18p and distal Yq material.