, Volume 99, Issue 2, pp 131-137

A 41–42 bp tandemly repeated sequence isolated from nuclear envelopes of chicken erythrocytes is located predominantly on microchromosomes

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To study whether specific DNA sequences are associated with nuclear membranes, residual DNA was extracted from DNase-treated nuclear envelopes prepared from erythrocytes of adult chickens (Gallus domesticus). This DNA was then blunt-end ligated into a bacterial plasmid vector. DNA blot analysis and nucleotide sequence determination revealed that approximately 30% of the cloned fragments consisted of different multiples of a 41–42 bp tandemly repeated, partially symmetrical sequence. In situ hybridization to chicken chromosomes demonstrated that the sequence was located primarily on microchromosomes, although some hybridization was also observed to macrochromosomes 7 and 8. Digestion of chicken DNA with any of a number of restriction enzymes did not completely reduce the intensity of a high molecular weight band to which the repeated sequence hybridized. These results, along with those obtained from in situ hybridization, suggested that many copies of this sequence are organized into large tandem arrays, and are not dispersed in many shorter repetitive blocks throughout the chicken genome. Although the repetitive sequence constituted approximately 10% of the chicken genome, it did not hybridize to quail or turkey DNA.