, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp 121-132

Sequence and genomic organization of a rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus isolated from a wild rabbit

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Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) is a member of the caliciviridae family. The nucleotidic sequence of a full-length cDNA of one RHDV isolate (RHDV-SD) is reported. The genome is 7437 bases long and includes two ORFs, ORF1 (7034 b) and ORF2 (353 b), coding for the polyprotein and the Vp12, respectively. The coding sequence for the second structural protein (the capsid protein, Vp60) is located at the 3′ end of ORF1. Comparison of RHDV-SD with the German RHDV isolate revealed 470 nucleotide substitutions (96% homology). The deduced amino acid sequences of the two isolates are closely related (98% identity), and no hypervariable region could be identified either in the structural or nonstructural proteins.

The nucleotide sequence data reported in this paper have been submitted to the EMBL nucleotide sequence database and have been assigned the accession number Z29514.