, Volume 44, Issue 2, pp 89-96

Viktor Trkal, Beltrami fields, and Trkalian flows

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A 1919 contribution of Viktor Trkal on Beltrami fields is contextualized and shown to be of significance in fluid mechanics, time-harmonic electromagnetism and astrophysics.

This paper introduces the English translation of an article by V. Trkal from 1919 — see next paper in this issue, p. 97.
I gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Drs. Per Lindstrom (Bergen, Norway), Avadh B. Saxena (Los Alamos, New Mexico), Chandra S. Vikrarn (Huntsville, Alabama) and Miloslav Znojil (Prague) in locating old publications. I also thank the editors of this journal for asking me to write this introductory piece as well as for readily agreeing to publish an English translation of Trkal's paper.