, Volume 139, Issue 1, pp 76-77

A new population of Bleeding-heart Pigeon (Gallicolumba sp.) and its conservation relevance on Panay, Philippines

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Here we report on a newly discovered population of Bleeding-heart Pigeon (Gallicolumba sp.) on the Philippine island of Panay, West Visayas. There have been 7+ sight-records and one photographic documentation in two places (Lahang, Sibaliw) of the low-elevation forest of the northwest Panay peninsula (400 – 450 m a.s.l.) in 1997. Reports from local hunters received in 1995 point to the Bleeding-heart's occurrence also in the larger Panay mountain range in the west of the island. These latter records could not be substantiated during altogether 6.5 months of field work at low-elevation (Alujipan, 450 m a.s.l.) and high-elevation (Hamtang forest, Mt Balabag, 900 – 950 m a.s.l.) sites in 1995 and 1996. The photograph obtained indicates the new population to belong toGallicolumba keayi of neighbouring Negros island. — For unknown reasons the new Bleeding-heart must be extremely rare. Its still unsettled taxonomic position together with its rarity, give reasons for most serious conservation concern.


Im Zug systematischer Erfassung der zoologisch wenig erforschten Insel Panay, Philippinen, wurde 1997 im Submontanwald der NW-Halbinsel eine bisher unbekannte neue Dolchstichtaube (Gallicolumba spec.) entdeckt. Diese nach Sichtbeobachtungen und einem Foto der auf Negros lebenden Art (G. keayi) nahestehende Form ist äußerst selten. Die noch unklare systematische Stellung und die Seltenheit geben Anlaß zu größter Besorgnis hinsichtlich der Erhaltung der neuen Form.

This is publication No. 12 of the Philippine Endemic Species Conservation Project (PESCP).