, Volume 28, Issue 10, pp 1164-1173

Spectra of europium-doped yttrium oxide and yttrium vanadate phosphors

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The spectral distributions of the visible absorption and fluorescence emission under electron beam excitation of Eu3+-doped (Y2O3) and (YVO4) powders have been detected and analyzed. (Y2O3: Eu3+) has a cubicC crystal structure with a unit cell dimension a=10·61 Å. Its observed transitions from7 F 0 to many upper states have been recognized; the observed number of Stark components is in agreement with that based on theC 2 site symmetry of the Eu3+ ion in Y2O3. Eu3+-doped yttrium vanadate has a typical zircon tetragonal crystal structure with unit cell dimensions ofc=6·29 Å anda=7·11 Å. The observed transitions in (Eu3+: YVO4) have been identified and assigned in accordance with theD 2d site symmetry of the Eu3+ ion in this lattice.