, Volume 14, Issue 5, pp 292-294

Intussusception: influence of age on reducibility

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Our experience of hydrostatic reduction of intussusception by barium enema over the last 7 years is reviewed. There were 115 attempted hydrostatic reductions out of a total of 129 patients diagnosed as having intussusception on barium enema or at surgery. Age at presentation varied from one month to nine years, 81% of patients presenting before one year of age. Of 115 attempted reductions, 63 were successful giving an overall success rate of 55%. Looking at the different age groups, it was found that hydrostatic reduction was much less successful in infants aged 3 months and younger; success rate 20% compared to a 60% success rate in the remainder. Conscious of recent reports in the literature of bowel perforation during attempted hydrostatic reduction in young infants, we suggest that there should be a reappraisal of the role of hydrostatic reduction in the three months and younger age group.