, Volume 9, Issue 4, pp 483-485

Cold fusion reaction products and their measurement

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The major reaction products that have been possibly associated with cold fusion reactions are neutrons, protons, tritium, He-3, He-4, internal conversion electrons, and gamma radiation. The branching ratios and relative reaction rates for these products are examined for consistency with cold fusion experiments. Both theoretical calculations and experimental data are examined and presented. The He-4 plus internal conversion reaction has been proposed to explain the absence of neutrons or gamma rays in successful cold fusion experiments. However, this reaction is not favored, even in a deuterium-palladium system. Measurement of these reactions must be made carefully owing to the presence in the background of 2.2-MeV gamma rays, background tritium in heavy water, and neutrons from the photodisintegration of the deuterium from background radiation. These problems confronting cold fusion experiments are addressed.