, Volume 43, Issue 1-3, pp 45-55

On the 0, 1 facets of the set covering polytope

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In this paper, we consider inequalities of the formΣ α jxj ≥ β, whereα j equals 0 or 1, andβ is a positive integer. We give necessary and sufficient conditions for such inequalities to define facets of the set covering polytope associated with a 0, 1 constraint matrixA. These conditions are in terms of critical edges and critical cutsets defined in the bipartite incidence graph ofA, and are in the spirit of the work of Balas and Zemel on the set packing problem where similar notions were defined in the intersection graph ofA. Furthermore, we give a polynomial characterization of a class of 0, 1 facets defined from chorded cycles of the bipartite incidence graph. This characterization also yields all the 0, 1 liftings of odd-hole inequalities for the simple plant location polytope.

Research partially supported by NSF grant ECS-8601660 and AFORS grant 87-0292.