Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 137–142

Subdermal liposuction


  • Carlo Gasperoni
    • Centro di Chirurgia Estetica
  • Marzia Salgarello
    • Centro di Chirurgia Estetica
  • Paola Emiliozzi
    • Centro di Chirurgia Estetica
  • Gabriele Gargani
    • Centro di Chirurgia Estetica

DOI: 10.1007/BF01578339

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Gasperoni, C., Salgarello, M., Emiliozzi, P. et al. Aesth. Plast. Surg. (1990) 14: 137. doi:10.1007/BF01578339


Liposuction is a widely used technique today and indications are that it is becoming even more popular due to new technical refinements. The use of cannulae with a smaller diameter allows suction of the fat immediately under the dermis. The cannula we use to perform this new kind of fat suction is straight and has an external diameter of less than 2 mm. This cannula, the so-called Mercedes cannula, has a bullet tip and a three-hole head. Moreover, the holes are not round but are slit-shaped and oriented in the same plane at 120°. This cannula is specifically designed to produce less trauma. The cannula with one downward-facing orifice is not suitable for suction of the subdermal layer and an upward-facing orifice would be too traumatic. The advantage of this new technique, apart from the possibility of treating patients with very slight adiposity, is to allow an effective skin retraction. When a large amount of fat has already been aspirated, residual deformities can occur. These skin irregularities represent the lack of an effective cutaneous retraction mostly due to the permanence of the subdermal fat. In fact, the presence of a thick subdermal adipose layer decreases the possibility of skin retraction. Therefore, indications for lipsuction of the subdermal fat are mainly the slight adiposities and the remnant deformities of a previous liposuction operation. Moreover, this technique is applied to every lipoplasty whenever better skin retraction is needed.

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LipectomyLipoplastySubdermal fatSkin elasticity

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