, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 167-169

PRIAPUS — non-contact monitoring of penile dimension changes by photogrammetry

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Clinical evaluations to objectify sexual arousal in men use indicators of penile configuration changes. Most common are measurements of changes in circumference and/or rigidity using loops around the penis. To avoid psychogenic disturbance during the investigation, a method was developed that enable non-contact evaluation of penile changes during visual sexual stimulation. A three-dimensional (3-D) real-time computerized imaging system is used for the acquisition and registration of penile configuration changes. Images from two high-precision cameras are digitized using a geometrical and graylevel registration model. The triangulation technique in the stereoscopic approach is used to extract 3-D information. This method of digitized photogrammetry enables non-touch documentation of penile length, diameter, volume, curvature and direction changes during sexual stimulation. The curvature registration also enables objective documentation in patients complaining of penile curvature during erection.