, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp 105-109

Characterization of the antigens involved in serotyping strains ofCampylobacter jejuni by passive hemagglutination

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Components of outer membrane preparations, heated saline extracts, and phenolwater lipopolysaccharide extracts obtained from strains ofCampylobacter jejuni representing seven passive hemagglutination serotypes (Penner serotypes 1–4, 13, 16, and 50) were electrophoresed in sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gels. Tests of gel eluates demonstrated that lipopolysaccharide antigens are involved in serotypingC. jejuni by passive hemagglutination and that other cell surface components have no activity. This finding was confirmed by hemagglutination inhibition. In the typing ofC. jejuni by passive hemagglutination, each serotype is probably defined by the presence of one or more specific lipopolysaccharides. These findings may lead to a clarification of the serotyping nomenclature for those systems that depend on passive hemagglutination. It is recommended that a single internationally agreed numbering system be adopted for lipopolysaccharides derived fromC. jejuni.