Zeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields

, Volume 35, Issue 3, pp 323-328

First online:

Charged particle multiplicity distributions ine + e annihilation at 29 GeV: a comparison with hadronic data

  • M. DerrickAffiliated withArgonne National Laboratory
  • , K. K. GanAffiliated withArgonne National Laboratory
  • , P. KooijmanAffiliated withArgonne National Laboratory
  • , J. S. LoosAffiliated withArgonne National Laboratory
  • , B. MusgraveAffiliated withArgonne National Laboratory
  • , L. E. PriceAffiliated withArgonne National Laboratory
  • , J. RepondAffiliated withArgonne National Laboratory
  • , K. SuganoAffiliated withArgonne National Laboratory
  • , M. Valdata-NappiAffiliated withArgonne National Laboratory
    • , D. BlockusAffiliated withIndiana University
    • , B. BrabsonAffiliated withIndiana University
    • , J. -M. BromAffiliated withIndiana University
    • , C. JungAffiliated withIndiana University
    • , H. OgrenAffiliated withIndiana University
    • , D. R. RustAffiliated withIndiana University
    • , C. AkerlofAffiliated withUniversity of Michigan
    • , J. ChapmanAffiliated withUniversity of Michigan
    • , D. ErredeAffiliated withUniversity of Michigan
    • , M. T. KenAffiliated withUniversity of Michigan
    • , D. I. MeyerAffiliated withUniversity of Michigan
    • , D. NitzAffiliated withUniversity of Michigan
    • , R. ThunAffiliated withUniversity of Michigan
    • , R. TschirhartAffiliated withUniversity of Michigan
    • , S. AbachiAffiliated withPurdue University
    • , P. BaringerAffiliated withPurdue University
    • , B. G. BylsmaAffiliated withPurdue University
    • , R. DeBonteAffiliated withPurdue University
    • , D. KoltickAffiliated withPurdue University
    • , F. J. LoefflerAffiliated withPurdue University
    • , E. H. LowAffiliated withPurdue University
    • , R. L. McIlwainAffiliated withPurdue University
    • , D. H. MillerAffiliated withPurdue University
    • , C. R. NgAffiliated withPurdue University
    • , L. K. RanganAffiliated withPurdue University
    • , E. I. ShibataAffiliated withPurdue University
    • , B. CorkAffiliated withLawrence Berkeley Laboratory

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The charged particle multiplicity distributions for two-jet events ine + e annihilation at 29 GeV have been measured using the High Resolution Spectrometer at PEP. A Poisson distribution describes the data for both the complete event and for the single jets. In addition, no correlation is observed between the multiplicities in the two jets of an event. For fixed values of the prong number of the complete event, the multiplicity sharing between the two jets is in good agreement with a binomial distribution. The rapidity gap distribution is exponential with a slope equal to the mean rapidity density. These observations, which are consistent with a picture of independent emission of single particles, are contrasted to the results from soft hadronic collisions and conclusions are drawn about the nature of clusters.