, Volume 63, Issue 2, pp 117-121

Picosecond laser ablation of thin copper films

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The ablation process of thin copper films on fused silica by picosecond laser pulses is investigated. The ablation area is characterized using optical and scanning electron microscopy. The single-shot ablation threshold fluence for 40 ps laser pulses at 1053 nm has been determinated toF thres = 172 mJ/cm2. The ablation rate per pulse is measured as a function of intensity in the range of 5 × 109 to 2 × 1011 W/cm2 and changes from 80 to 250 nm with increasing intensity. The experimental ablation rate per pulse is compared to heat-flow calculations based on the two-temperature model for ultrafast laser heating. Possible applications of picosecond laser radiation for microstructuring of different materials are discussed.