The Psychiatric Quarterly

, Volume 44, Issue 1, pp 516–532

Dermatoglyphics in female schizophrenia

A preliminary report
  • Daniel Stowens
  • John W. SammonJr.
  • Albert Proctor

DOI: 10.1007/BF01562994

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Stowens, D., Sammon, J.W. & Proctor, A. Psych Quar (1970) 44: 516. doi:10.1007/BF01562994


Dermatoglyphic analysis was performed on the prints obtained from 82 schizophrenic female patients at Utica State Hospital. These were compared with those of a control population of 295 healthy white women. Discriminant analysis revealed that separation of the two groups on the basis of the dermatoglyphic features was possible with a level of discrimination of 82%. The individual features of the prints which appeared to contribute most importantly to this discrimination were: the occurrence of abnormal creases in 24% of the schizophrenic group as compared to 2.7% of the controls; an increased frequency in the number of arches on the fingers—10.4% of all schizophrenic fingerprints, versus 4.9% of controls; an increased number of individuals with one or more arches among the schizophrenics—32% against 18% among the controls; deficiency of the main line C of some degree among the schizophrenics; and a decreased frequency of radial loops on the index finger among the schizophrenics. Numerous other differences of lesser frequency were also noted.

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  • John W. SammonJr.
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