, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp 95-100

Human Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone gene (LHRH) is located on short arm of chromosome 8 (region 8p11.2 → p21)

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Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) is synthesized by hypothalamic neurons and affects the release of gonadotropic hormones from the anterior pituitary gland. A cDNA clone encoding the human LHRH precursor molecule was used to assign theLHRH gene to a human chromosome by in situ hybridization and Southern blot analysis. Metaphase spreads from two normal individuals were hybridized with3H -labeled LHRH-specific sequence. Of 120 cells analyzed, 33 had silver grains over the p11.2 → p21 bands of chromosome 8. No other chromosomal site was labeled above background, indicating the presence of a single site for LHRH sequences in the human genome. Independent confirmation for this location of the humanLHRH gene on chromosome 8p was provided by analysis of DNA from human × Chinese hamster somatic cell hybrids. DNA samples were digested with EcoRI, blotted, and hybridized with the32P-labeled human LHRH precursor cDNA probe. The single 11.5-kb human-specific band was detected only in hybrids containing human chromosome 8. Also, hybridization was observed in DNA from hybrids in which a portion of human chromosome 8 (region 8pter → 8q21) had been spontaneously translocated onto a Chinese hamster chromosome.

Presented in part at the 8th Human Gene Mapping Conference, Helsinki, August 1985.