, Volume 8, Issue 6, pp 825-834

Genetic and biochemical characterization of a human surface determinant on somatic cell hybrids: The 4F2 antigen

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We have mapped the gene which codes the species-specific determinant defined by monoclonal antibody 4F2 to human chromosome 11. All human chromosomes, except Y, were included in a group of four humanmouse hybrid lines. Hybrids heterogeneous for 4F2 antigen expression were sorted using the fluorescence-activated cell sorter (FACS) to yield populations homogeneous with respect to the presence or absence of this determinant. Isozyme analysis indicated corresponding genetic selection for or against human chromosome 11. This map assignment was confirmed using a hybrid line which contained only human chromosome 11. Immunoprecipitation of the 4F2 determinant from the 11 only hybrid resulted in a heavy subunit of molecular weight (Mr)=100,000 and a light subunit of Mr=41,000. This contrasts with results obtained from nonhybrid human cells of different lineages. These results demonstrate the importance of FACS techniques in the rapid mapping of genes which code human cell surface antigens.