, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp 29-47

Female ejaculation: Perceived origins, the Grafenberg spot/area, and sexual responsiveness

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Despite earlier contrary claims, some researchers have recently reported a possible homologous female prostate gland that is potentially involved in a sudden spurt of fluid being released at the moment of orgasm. A number of medical authorities have speculated that this fluid is urine. To alleviate concerns about the possible release of urine during orgasmic response as well as to contribute to a further understanding of physiological and psychological sexual satisfaction, we examined a series of variables thought to be associated with female ejaculation [(expulsion of fluid during orgasm and its relationship, if any, to a sensitive anatomic area (Grafenberg spot)]. An anonymous questionnaire was distributed to 2350 professional women in the United States and Canada with a subsequent 55% return rate. Of these respondents, 40% reported having a fluid release (ejaculation) at the moment of orgasm. Further, 82% of the women who reported the sensitive area (Grafenberg spot) also reported ejaculation with their orgasms. A number of variables were associated with this perceived existence of female ejaculation.

The coinvestigators acknowledge grants from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Grants-in-Aid Research Program, the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Grants-in-Aid for Research Program, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Time Reassignment Incentive Research Program, and Vanderbilt University which have partially provided the resources for collection, coding, and analyses.