Political Behavior

, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp 93-116

Creating impressions: An experimental investigation of political advertising on television

  • Kim Fridkin KahnAffiliated withDepartment of Political Science, Arizona State University
  • , John G. GeerAffiliated withDepartment of Political Science, Arizona State University

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Using an experimental design, this paper addresses a few basic, but important, questions about the influence of televised political advertising. How effective are different kinds of political spots in creating impressions of a candidate among viewers? Do negative ads work better than positive ads in creating favorable impressions? Do spots that focus on issues create more favorable impressions that spots that stress the traits of a candidate? Do two ads work better than one ad in creating impressions? Can the effects of a spot be undercut by a follow-up advertisement from the opposition? This paper offers some tentative answers to these questions.