, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp 421-436

The clarke SHQ: A clinical sex history questionnaire for males

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The development of a 225-item sexual history questionnaire is reported. The frequency, desire for, and disgust for a wide range of sexual behaviors, including anomalous behavior, were examined. Twenty-four scales were derived from factor analysis of the items. The scales were represented by modest unitary factors but were relatively free of bias from age, education, intelligence, social desirability, and defensiveness. The scales generally discriminated clinically relevant groups from control subjects and therefore meet a clinical need in the assessment of anomalous sexual behavior. The instrument also appears to be useful in examining hypotheses for research. Among these observations was the continuity between exhibitionism and heterosexual pedophilia and the apparent bisexuality of some homosexual males. The scale allows for the assessment of the preferences of sexually inexperienced males as well.

This project was funded by the Youth Secretariat of the Ontario Government and the Psychiatric Research Fund, Clarke Institute of Psychiatry.
A copy of the SHQ and its scoring manual may be obtained on request. The SHQ has also been programmed for computer scoring.