, Volume 6, Issue 3-4, pp 249-258

The recording of Pc1 geomagnetic pulsations using a microcomputer preprocessing system

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In the past slow-speed frequency-modulated analogue tape recording techniques have provided the most convenient method for recording ground-based Pc1 pulsation data on a continuous basis. With events occurring often only a few hours in a week, and a Nyquist frequency of 4–5 Hz, direct digital recording is not practical because of the bulk of data accumulated. However, with the recent availability of reasonably priced microcomputers and advanced signal processing techniques it is now possible to preprocess digital data in the field and store only events of interest. A two-component induction coil magnetometer incorporating a Z80 based 64K RAM microcomputer-floppy disk preprocessing system is described. It is capable of recording Pc1 signals in the 0.2–4 Hz band at middle-to-low latitudes with a minimum detectable signal level of 3 pT. The reliability and limitations of the preprocessing techniques utilizing FFT autospectral analysis to recognize Pc1 signals are discussed.