, Volume 15, Issue 1-2, pp 105-122

Egomotion analysis based on the Frenet-Serret motion model

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In this paper we propose a new model,Frenet-Serret motion, for the motion of an observer in a stationary environment. This model relates the motion parameters of the observer to the curvature and torsion of the path along which the observer moves. Screw-motion equations for Frenet-Serret motion are derived and employed for geometrical analysis of the motion. Normal flow is used to derive constraints on the rotational and translational velocity of the observer and to compute egomotion by intersecting these constraints in the manner proposed in (Durić and Aloimonos 1991) The accuracy of egomotion estimation is analyzed for different combinations of observer motion and feature distance. We explain the advantages of controlling feature distance to analyze egomotion and derive the constraints on depth which make either rotation or translation dominant in the perceived normal flow field. The results of experiments on real image sequences are presented.

The support of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research under Grant F49620-93-1-0039 is gratefully acknowledged.