, Volume 96, Issue 3, pp 293-302

Sequence evolution of theGpdh gene in theDrosophila virilis species group

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The nucleotide sequence of theGpdh gene from six taxa,D. virilis, D. lummei, D. novamexicana, D. a. americana, D. a. texana andD. ezoana, belonging to thevirilis species group was determined to examine details of evolutionary change in the structure of theGpdh gene. TheGpdh gene is comprised of one 5′ non-translated region, eight exons, seven introns and three 3′ non-translated regions. Exon/intron organization was identical in all the species examined, but different from that of mammals. Interspecific nucleotide divergence in the entireGpdh gene followed the common pattern: it was low in the exon, high in the intron and intermediate in the non-translated regions. The degree of nucleotide divergence differed within these regions, suggesting that selection exerts constraints differentially on nucleotide change of theGpdh gene. A phylogenetic tree of thevirilis phylad constructed from nucleotide variation of total sequence was consistent with those obtained from other data.

Nucleotide sequences for theGpdh gene ofD. lummei, D. novamexicana, D. a. americana, D. a. texana andD. ezoana have been submitted to GenBank with accession numbers D50087, D50088, D50089, D50090 and D50091.