, Volume 45, Issue 11, pp 2602-2609

Synthesis of biologically active compounds based on 2-ferrocenylmethylene-3-quinuclidone

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Biologically active nitrogen heterocycles (1–7) containing ferrocene and quinuclidine fragments were synthesized. 3-Methylene-2-ferrocenylmethylenequinuiclidine forms adducts withN-phenylimides of azodicarboxylic (the structure was established by X-ray structural analysis) and malefic acids. 3-Methylene-2-fer-rocenylmethylenequinticlidine also undergoes [4+2]-cyclodimerization when heated and adds salts of the 3-methyl-2-ferrocenylmethyleneI-azoniabicyclo[2.2.2]oct-3-yl cation at the terminal methylene group to form a linear addition product.