Colloid and Polymer Science

, Volume 265, Issue 9, pp 761–773

Structure and anisotropy in polycarbonate III. Study of elastic and optical properties of oriented samples with the method of high resolution Brillouin spectroscopy


  • L. Peetz
    • Fachrichtung Experimentalphysik der UniversitÄt des Saarlandes
  • J. K. Krüger
    • Abteilung Experimentelle Physik der UniversitÄt Ulm
  • M. Pietralla
    • Abteilung Experimentelle Physik der UniversitÄt Ulm
Polymer Science

DOI: 10.1007/BF01418451

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Peetz, L., Krüger, J.K. & Pietralla, M. Colloid & Polymer Sci (1987) 265: 761. doi:10.1007/BF01418451


High resolution Brillouin spectroscopy (BS) has been used to investigate elastic and optical properties of uniaxially drawn samples of polycarbonate (PC). The results are discussed in the framework of the single phase aggregate model (SPAM) of Ward. According to a recently developed evaluation technique, the SPAM parameters of PC are determined, resulting in the following elastic constants of the structural units:c330=33 GPa,c110=7 GPa,c130=9.7 GPa,c440=1.4 GPa, andc660=1 GPa. A nearly quadratic dependence of the orientation parameterP4 onP3 results, which can be explained by a modified pseudoaffine deformation scheme.

Key words

Polycarbonateoriented polymerselastic and optical anisotropyBrillouin spectroscopyaggregate modelorientation parameters

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