, Volume 319, Issue 2, pp 215-217

On the stability of the nuclei of element 108 withA=263–265

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In bombarding209Bi and207, 208Pb targets by55Mn and58Fe ions the yields of “cold fusion” reactions have been determined using a sensitive technique for detectingT 1/2≧1 ms spontaneous fission and theα-decay of heavy actinide elements. It has been shown that theA = 263–265 isotopes of element 108, including the even-even isotope264108, undergo mainlyα-decay. The obtained results, together with the known data on the properties of the isotopes of elements 104 and 106, provide evidence for the enhanced stability of theZ=108 nuclei against spontaneous fission.

We are deeply grateful to Academician G.N. Flerov for his attention to this work, for valuable advice and comments. We are thankful to G.G. Gulbekyan, B.A. Gikal, V.B. Kutner for providing intense heavy ion beams during prolonged irradiations, V.G. Subbotin, V.M. Plotko, I.V. Kolesov, G.N. Ivanov, O.K. Nefedyev, I.A. Kharitonova for their help in developing the experimental equipment, J. Esteves, A.V. Rykhlyuk, S.V. Malutin, K.I. Merkina, L.V. Jolos, M. Constantinescu and L.P. Kulkina for their help in performing the experiment. We also acknowledge the valuable comments of Professor I. Zvara and Yu.A. Lazarev.