, Volume 291, Issue 3, pp 203-206

Extended measurements of isotope shifts in Mg I

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The isotope shifts in the Mg I transitionsλ 2,852 Å (3s 2 1 S 0-3s3p 1 p 1 P 1) andλλ 3,829, 3,832 and 3,838 Å (3s3p 3 P-3s3d 3 D) have been measured for24Mg,25Mg and26Mg. The measurements were carried out using a pressure scanned Fabry-Perot interferometer and separated isotopes excited in hollow cathode discharge tubes. The results are compared to theoretical predictions and an attempt is made to convert measured line shifts into level shifts.

I wish to thank Prof. L. Minnhagen for his interest and support and Dr. J. Hansen for valuable help.